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About Us

HEMA Construction & Engineering company is established in June 2020. It’s aim is becoming one of the reliable partner of the industry stakeholders. HEMA is delivered the works in a fast and high quality regardless of whether it was small or large since the day it was founded. HEMA will continue in this way by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground both ongoing and future works.



As can be seen in the following presentation pages, we have offered different type of engineering studies. Our designs can be completed depend on the our customer requirements according to American, European, or Turkish regulations and standards. We have focused on the quality, right, and quick solution in our studies.



We are able to offer the highest quality and fast solutions to our employers in accordance with the standards and procedures in reinforced concrete, structural steel, piping, equipment installation, infrastructure works, thanks to our high capacity solution partners, as well as providing services in both industrial and classical building constructions.



Together with our experience and experienced team, we offer our employers the most suitable solution in project consultancy, construction consultancy and consultancy / supervision works. Together with our experienced staff, both at local and abroad, we provide services in the capacity and equipment that can meet any need.

Our Perspective


Our firm closely monitors the local construction sector performance and aims to reach the performance of the global construction sector by adopting the required developments in the sector.


Our mission is to comply with the business plan in all projects. With correct time management, we are delivering all our projects right on-time.


Due to the values of the construction sector, the sector is obliged to undertake humanitarian and ethical standards. With this awareness, we are following global ethical values in all the projects we have delivered and we will deliver.


From the day of establishment, Hema Construction is moving forward with a professional business and work partners. All our projects reflect the successful synergy of our team members.