The Effects and Contribution of The Technological Developments to the Construction Sector

Even though most of us think about smartphones, computers, TVs, video communication systems when we talk about technology, we can say that especially in the last 20-30 years, technology has made significant progress in every aspect of life. As HEMA Construction family, we will be talking about the effects of technology on construction and project planning and what did technology improve in this article.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, most of us first think about smartphones and computers when we talk about technology. From this perspective, we can say that the difference between computers in terms of project planning and design is as distinctive as the difference between black and white. Before all else, drafting that were made on tracing paper (you can search the material on search engines) and technical drawing pens which are now replaced with software drafting To explain for those who do not know, if you made any mistake with tracing paper and technical drawing pens, you need to erase the mistake by scraping with a razor. If you tore the tracing paper when you were scraping, all the work would be gone. You had to draw from the beginning. But today it is far from this. With technical drafting software (the most popular and functional drafting software is AutoCAD), you can make as much mistake as you like, decide the color and thickness just in seconds and do your technical drafting. In addition to 2-D drafting, you can draft and design in 3-D as well and you can reflect the almost realistic form on the paper with visualization programs. This way, employers can clearly see what will happen at the end, make decisions accordingly and this way, all possible surprises at the end of the job are prevented.

In terms of construction, concrete manufactured in concrete plants and poured with concrete pumps replaced concrete mixers; cranes replaced manual work to carry all the materials to the top floors and cutting and bending with machines replaced manually cut structural iron. While we can give more examples, all of them have the same effects and results in general: “Faster construction with less labor.” In terms of construction, we can see that there have been improvements not only in terms of labor but also in terms of concrete quality, strike formwork, soil surveys and many other things.

We will all wait and see what new technologies will be added to the technological developments that we have mentioned above. When the developments in recent years are considered, it is possible to say that even some of the methods that we use today will be “old” in just a few years.

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