Who Are We?

Hema Construction was found by Emrah Avcı who graduated from İstanbul Technical University civil engineering department in 2020. Since deceased Mahmut Avcı, the father of our founder Mr. Emrah was a civil engineer, Mr. Emrah has been raised in the construction sector. Mr. Emrah started his professional career in an architecture firm in the market and office design and continued his career in a firm in jeweler, villa and office design as well as repair and construction. Then, he had the chance to work in different fields including infrastructure, superstructure, airport runways, road projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and Oman. From 2016 to 2020, he worked in a private company in the mining sector in field construction section chief, headquarters design engineer and headquarters technical office chief positions.

The founding purpose of our company is to be an important part of the sector in all infrastructure, superstructure and industrial structure works and to ensure sustainability in these fields.

The founding principle of our company is to move forward with a relationship based on trust with our business partners or employers rather than material interests. Our company can manage all struggles with ease as long as we ensure mutual trust and peace with our business partners.